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Mitsubishi Ductless Units

Mitsubishi Ductless Units

Mitsubishi Electric brings unmatched energy efficiency, performance and control to home cooling and heating. It’s never been easier to keep everyone in your house comfortable, without spending a fortune on your energy bills.

Why Go Ductless?

Unlike unsightly (and unsafe) window units that only cool, our systems can cool or heat any room in your home. With only a small opening needed to connect indoor and outdoor units, your licensed contractor can install your system quickly and with minimal disruption. Pair that with Mitsubishi Electric INVERTER technology that maintains the exact temperature you set while using the minimum energy required you can rest easy.

Whether you have a single uncomfortable room, you’re renovating your entire house, or you’re building a home from scratch, Mitsubishi Electric has a Zoned Comfort Solution™ that fits your unique needs. Because our systems focus on individual living spaces rather than treating every room the same, it has more customization, is more energy efficient and is easier to install.